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The Notice of Our New Website

date:2016-08-22    author:    views:2060

Dear Customer:

In order to meet the development requirement of our company and to improve our service level, we are going to modify our website. The new website will get optimized in terms of the whole style, the way of presentation, the setting of columns and so on, it will be more visualized so that you can find what you want easily.

At present, all the work related to the website are operated smoothly, the new website is in the period of trial. The column of Products Centre is not complete, we are really very sorry for the inconvenience of this one, but we will seize the time to complete it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we will appreciate you if you can leave your suggestion to us. With your feedback, we will do our best to make our website completely.

At length, thank you for your consistent support and concern for the Huarens building work of the new website.   




                                   Wuhu Huaren Science and Technology Co., Ltd.